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September 18, 2017
5 Rounds
September 18, 2017

Kickboxing at Shooting Star!

  • When: 09/18/2017
  • Q: Michelle Valenta- Digits
  • Pax: Shots, Peach, Cow Girl,, and FNG-Momma Bear

Warm Up:

T-jumps 10

High Knees 10

Butt kickers 10

Side Stretches

Quad Stretch

Cherry Pickers 10

Arm Stretches

Shoulder Rolls

The Thang: 

Kickboxing Circuit (do each seat of 4 exercise (30sec each repeating 4x)

1.  Front jabs with right leg forward then left leg forward

2.  Alternating front kicks

3.  Cross body punches in horse stance

4.  Back Kicks on right leg then left leg on next set


1.  Upper cuts in horse stance

2.  Round house kick with 3 step shuffle to switch legs

3.  Forward lunge with front punch (3 punches) and stand on rear leg and pull up knee

4.  Repeat on opposite side


1.  High-low punches with squat (8 count each side)

2.  Bob/weave with alternating knee lift

3.  Alternating hooks right side first & left side on next set

4.  Alternating Push kicks

Sometimes the lightening strikes and the thunder trembles.  The wind blows hard and trees snap, windows break and homes, cars and businesses are destroyed.

We do not always understand the cause of the storms but they come into everyone’s lives. No one is immune from them and when they hit they are unexpected, they are scary and they point to a God greater than ourselves.

Our God is with us in the midst of our storms.

Are you in a storm?

Perhaps it’s a health issue, financial issue, death of a loved one, a job loss, a difficult boss, an unsupportive family member, friend or church or a wayward child or wayward spouse.

Perhaps you are exhausted with unanswered prayers and you are scared, lonely, heartbroken, or depressed.  Whatever you are facing today…

Remember this:

The Lord is our good shepherd and He never leaves our side.

He walks with us through the valleys.  He restores our soul when we are weary.   He leads us to the path of righteousness when we have lost our way.  He gives us courage when we are scared and he comforts us when we are hurting.

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