March 3, 2018
Pre-Blast: Lion’s Den (3/5)
March 4, 2018

Keep Beaker On Her Toes

  • When: 03/03/2018
  • Q: Beaker
  • Pax: Fisher, Sketch, H2O, Sheneneh, Gator, Edge, Hops, Match, FNG Carolyn (Boomerang), FNG Erin (Peaches)ketch, H2O, Sheneneh, Gator, Edge, Hops, Match, FNG Carolyn (Boomerang), FNG Erin (Peaches)

11 PAX gathered at #thelaunchpad for Saturday fun on a blistery, yet sunny day. The heart of this workout is partner work; the last time I did this exact sequence, it took at least 10 minutes longer to complete. We are getting stronger!!! It also means that Beaker used every last trick up her sleeve to fill the hour!

Warm-up: “Sugar” by Maroon 5 – we changed exercises every time the song changed (~every 20-30 seconds): jacks, calf raises, high knees, imperial walkers, squats, raggedy anns, butt kicks, calf raises, jacks (note: this was potentially a bit too creative, but fun nonetheless)

The Thang:

Partner Work
Round 1
Partner squats
Other partner did 20 tricep dips / 40 bicycle crunches (then switch)
Round 2
Partner step-ups
Other partner does 20 dolphin pushups / 40 leg lifts (then switch)
Round 3
Partner glute bridges
Other partner does 20 squat jumps / 40 Russian twists (then switch)
Round 4
Partner mountain climbers
Other Partner did 5 burpee broad jumps / 40 LBCs (then switch)

Wall sit to pick up the 6.


  • Monkey Humpers
  • curtsy lunges

Wall sit to pick up the 6.

Ab work IC:

10 Rosalita / 10 Dollies / 10 Flutter Kicks

EMOM 5 squats:

  • Fire hydrant (L then R for each exercise)
  • Donkey kicks
  • Rainbow glute
  • Single-leg glute bridge

Cool down:  plyometrics across field

Grapevine down and back, Peter pans down, slow jog back

Name-o-rama:  welcome to Boomerang and Peaches!!


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