Jukebox PB: Six Round Challenge
June 13, 2018
Early AM Tabatas
June 13, 2018

June 9 Country Love 2.0 Special

  • When:
  • Q:
  • Pax:

Lead by: Fence & Mrs. 3

2.0 Special:

34 PAX strong (including five FNG – three of them were new 2.0s):

Flo, Burpee, Purl, Pull (2.0), Push, Bayou, Stapler, Eggy, U-haul, Xena, Salsa, Shoe box, Coppertone, Vice, Fence (Co-Q), Juicy Fruit, Packer, Gump, Ish (FNG), Heartbeat, Doublestuff, Froggy (2.0 & FNG), Speed Demon, Rocket (2.0 & FNG), Guns, Bow (2.0 & FNG), Baby bell (2.0), Cheddar, South Paw (FNG), Goucho, P-K, Butter, Scoops (2.0), and Mrs. 3 (Co-Q)!!!

Warm-o-Rama (all) (10 minutes)-Mrs. 3

Toy solider (30 in cadence)

Amoeba tag

The Thang: (20 minutes) – can cut short if we need to-Mrs. 3 and Fence

Rover Red Rover (two lines all the way across the baseball field – calling out names).

***all in center of the field, number off 1 or 2 (keep 2.0 with parent), crab walk across to each end of the fields

***form a straight line across linking arms in a chair position, very low linking arms.

***Line 1 holds the chair position, other line does the exercise/switch.

***any time we blow a whistle, you have to sprint and switch sides with the other line

***do this 12 times, six exercises – rinse and repeat

Exercises (rinse and repeat)

1) 60 seconds calf raises

2) 60 seconds mountain climber

3) 60 seconds jump squats

4) 60 seconds crab cakes

5) 60 seconds PUSH-UPS

6) 60 seconds hop on one leg for 30 then switch?

Red light green light (10 minutes)-Fence

***get to one end of the field, we run to the other – towards the other.

***one of us calls yellow light.

***yellow light sneaky low lunges – until we call green light (AS MANY AS YOU CAN UNTIL WE CALL GREEN LIGHT – GREEN LIGHT IS A SPRINT TO THE OTHER END OF THE FIELD)


***let the winner be the new red, yellow, green light caller. This would be interesting if it was a 2.0.

Abs (5 minutes)-Mrs. 3

Duck duck goose (hold ab boat) then when two are tagged go to center of the group for whatever ab they want to do.

***If people asked how much longer we were doing an exercise we added 10 seconds.

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