Rock Hard Abs
June 4, 2018
Today we welcome Monday morning with Lieutenant Dan
June 4, 2018

June 30/60

  • When: 06/01/2018
  • Q: Nola
  • Pax: Chronicles, Robot, Tech

It was a humid morning on the First of June, 2018 and we sure did sweat! Started off with some arm circles, parking lot run, and I honestly cannot remember what else.

The Thang!!!

Since its the 6th month and there are 30 days in the month of June, we did a 30/60 tabata workout. There were three sets of exercises and each was done twice. Each 30 second exercise was done at all out, as many and fast as you can and the 60 second exercises were done a little slower, but still as many as you can

Rd1: 30 sec-high knees, 60 sec-alternating squat kick, 30 sec-mountain climbers, 60 sec-right leg hydrants, 30 sec-crunches, 60 sec-left leg hydrants

Rd2: 30 sec-push ups, 60 sec-bicycle crunches, 30 sec-jump squat, 60 sec-alternating reverse lunges, 30 sec-jumping jacks, 60 sec-full body inchworm with push up

Rd3: 30 sec-burpees, 60 sec-brooke burkes, 30 sec-star jumps, 60 sec left leg clamshell, 30 sec-plank jacks, 60 sec-right leg clamshells

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