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June 5, 2018
American Ninja Warrior
June 5, 2018

Jumping Rope and Sweating the Alphabet

  • When: 06/04/2018
  • Q: Strokin
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Well it’s definitely getting humid outside and we sure did feel it! Might be TMI, but I could taste the sweat when I went home to take my shower. During this workout, we got back in touch with our childhood by bringing out the jump ropes and going through the alphabet with completing various exercises. Below is how it went down….


Walking Imperial Walkers to the second curb and run back

Jump rope routine

  1. jump rope for 1 minute

(with the next three exercises, we put our jump ropes on the ground, stretching them out into a line)

2. 20 pushups with staying in a plank (go from right of jump rope and do a push up and then go to left of push up and do a push up)

3. 20 V Jumps (start at right of jump rope, jump back to end of jump rope and then jump to left of jump rope)

4. 20 turning jump squats

Sweating the alphabet

A:     10 crunches

B:      10 jumping jacks

C:      5 push ups

D:     5 squats

E:      30 second wall sit

F:      15 Arm Circles (Front and Back-IC)

G:      10 mountain climbers

H:      5 Burpees

I:       30 second plank

J:      10 jump squats

K:     10 lunges (each side)

L:     15 crunches

M:    20 high knees

N:    10 tricep dips

O:    10 push ups

P:    10 squats

Q:    20 jumping jacks

R:    30 second plank

S:     20 bicycle crunches

T:     30 second wall sit

U:    5 burpees

V:    20 arm circles (Front and Backward-IC)

W: 10 lunges

X:   10 push ups

Y:   20 high knees

Z:   10 burpees


  1. 1 minute of penguin crunches
  2. 1 minute of sit ups
  3. 1 minutes of bridges
  4. 1 minute of hello dolly’s

Devo and Prayer

Image result for in a world where you can be anything be kind

It doesn’t cost anything to be kind. You never know what battle someone is facing.

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