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March 5, 2018
Jazzy Madness-day 2
March 5, 2018

Jazzy Madness day 1

  • When: 03/02/2018
  • Q: Jazzy
  • Pax: Lonestar, Beehive, Rookie, Sike, Juice, Sunrise, Jazzy

This was the first official day of our new weighted Friday workouts and the first day at our new A.O. It was quite windy and but we made it through!

We started with a warm up of:

Jumping jacks with chest openers to get the upper body warm

butt kicks

arm circles


tin soldiers

Now on to the workout. Every move had to be done in sets of 3 at either 10 or 15 reps. In between the reps, we did legs, abs, and a quick cardio burst sprint to get warm (that wind was starting to get killer).


  1. Lateral raise: 3 sets/10 reps with squats in between sets
  2. Overhead shoulder press: 3 sets/10 reps with sumo squats in between sets
  3. Front raise: 3 sets/10 reps with pulse squats in between sets
  4. Reverse curl (this was a new awkward move for all of us): 3 sets/ 10 reps with lunge twist in between sets
  5. Hammer curl: 3 sets/10 reps with calf raise in between sets
  6. Two armed bent over row: 3 sets/15 reps with sprint burst down the parking lot in between sets
  7. Overhead tricep extension: 3 sets/ 15 reps with standing ab twist using weight in between sets
  8. side bend using weight: we were running out of time so we did this one for 10 each side with wood choppers at the end

Cooldown stretch

It was a great start to our new location. Hopefully it won’t be so windy all the time!



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