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May 18, 2019
I Need a Beach Body…Stat!
May 18, 2019

It’s just 40 seconds

  • When: 05/18/2019
  • Q: Strawberry
  • Pax: Drumline, Hollywood, Trotter and FNG Brooke (Juicy)

There’s always that one exercise you dread doing (burpees!) and the thought of doing multiple sets makes it worse.  But if you’ve only got to do it one time, for 40 seconds, you can push through just about anything.


Warm up, 30 seconds each

  • Jog in place
  • Front kick toe touch
  • Hamstring curl with pull back
  • Lateral step back with pull down
  • Slow burpee
  • Toe touch circle
  • Torso twist with knee raise
  • Squats
  • Butt kickers
  • Jumping Jacks

The Main Event-40 seconds on, 20 seconds rest between exercises. Modifications for all shown so there’s a version for everyone to try

  • Knee strike (L)
  • Knee strike (R)
  • Walk downs
  • Alternating Reverse Lunge
  • Pop Squat
  • Side Step (2 each direction)
  • Arm circles-forward
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Arm circles-reverse
  • Burpees
  • Curtsy Lunge
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Plank with shoulder slap
  • Skater Lunges
  • Rocket Squats
  • Torso Twist
  • Good Morning
  • Narrow Squats with alternating side leg raise
  • Jumping Lunges
  • Push Up 
  • Tricep Dip 
  • Star Jumps
  • Squat with alternating front kick
  • High Knee Hold

To the Fence 1x-We missed you this morning, Passport!

Ab-tastic-40 seconds on, 20 seconds rest, one minute plank to finish

  • Spider abs (oblique)
  • Back bow pulls
  • Swimmers
  • Reverse bent knee crunch
  • Flutter kicks
  • Plank Hold

Name-o-rama and COT

“Juicy” got christened (after a favorite Notorious BIG song) and I shared some wisdom from a great Netflix special that made a big impact on me.



Born and raised New Yorker who is new to AZ. Lover of baseball, travel and good eats.

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  1. Drumline says:

    Awesome workout!! Great job!

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