October 11, 2018
Arms, Abs and Hoodies
October 12, 2018

It’s all about the combo!

  • When: 10/10/2018
  • Q: Hermione
  • Pax: Queso, Titanium, Comeback, Hermione, Jeter

I seem to find some pretty interesting things when I am searching around the internet for exercises, and this workout was no different.  This one was all about the combos!  Thanks to everyone for indulging me and my weird exercises especially that last lunging one 🙂

The Thang

a squat, press, front raise combo – 15 reps

leg lift to toe touch to boat/canoe – one minute

a side lunge with a bent row – 8 per side

plank to toe touch to frogger to front squat – one minute (I think Titanium laughed out loud when i showed everyone this combo!)

a squat to lunge to front raise – 8 per side

plank jack from hands, down to plank jack from fore arms – one minute (I got lots of mumble chatter from Queso on this one:)

a lunge to front raise, to side raise, to lunge – 8 per side

side sit up with a side leg raise – one minute

It was so awesome to have our two newest FNG’s join us for their first early morning FiA workout!  Jeter showed up for her first early morning workout in several years, and we are so happy she chose to do it with us!  Comeback is making it a fast one!  She didn’t hesitate to grab an extra weight for these exercises.

I had to head out at 6:05, so everyone just finished up the circuit and that was it!  Another great morning at Jimmy Dean.

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