Launch Day and Q school
April 12, 2019
Let’s Do This!
April 13, 2019

It’s A Partnership

  • When: 04/11/2019
  • Q: Peachtree
  • Pax: Van Gogh (respect), Breezy (respect), Zeppelin and Gibson (double respect), Bagherra, Helium, El Paso, Pandora, Sarah - FNG (Diamondback), Mary Lou

What a great way to start the day!  I definitely need to change my ways and start waking up early to workout.  🙂  There were 9 wonderful FiAs to join me for my Hunter Games Q and it wasn’t freezing cold!  Awesome way to start the day!

Warm Up

  • Windmills – IC 20
  • Hillbillies – IC 20
  • Push the Water (Front and Back) – IC 10

The Thang

This Q is all about partnering up this morning and it started after we collected weights from our cars – there are no rock piles at Hunter Games.  Oops!

Side to Side Skip passing the weight back and forth from one end of the parking lot and back

Sit back-to-back passing the rock back and forth – 10 times

Sit feet together passing the rock back and forth – 10 times

Partner Push-ups – 10 times

Rinse and repeat two more times

After finishing the first round of partnering up, it was time to do a Triple Triple Check – the Pax is divided into groups of three and each one performs an exercise until all of them have done all three exercises.  For the Triple Triple Check, it is repeated three times.

1st Pax – wall sit

2nd Pax – hold plank

3rd Pax – run to the top of the big hill and back down

After completing the Triple Triple Check there was still time for the Gwyneth Paltrow Bootie.  😉

Gwyneth Paltrow Bootie – Performed on hands and one knee while the other leg is extended out to the side doing the exercises then switch legs. Begin on left knee and normally in cadence, but the Q was out of time so the Q counted them to 10 on each exercise.

  • Small Leg Circles (Forward and Backward) – 10
  • Large Leg Circles (Forward and Backward) – 10
  • Push the Water (Front and Back) – 10
  • Raise the Roof – 10
  • Cannonball Crossover – 10

Ab Work

Dying Cockroaches – 30 Counted off by the Q

Ankle Biters – OYO 30

COT and Name-O-Rama

“Whenever you make a mistake or get knocked down by life, don’t look back at it too long.  Mistakes are life’s way of teaching you.  Your capacity for occasional blunders is inseparable from your capacity to reach your goals.  No one wins them all, and your failures, when they happen, are just part of your growth.  Shake off your blunders.  How will you know your limits without an occasional failure?  Your turn will come.”  – Og Mandino

Prayer Requests

Breezy and her family in our thoughts and prayers after her niece passed away from colon cancer.

Pandora’s brother-in-law, who is in the hospital with pericarditis.

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