May 1, 2018
Plank that!!!
May 2, 2018

It looked easy enough on paper …

  • When: 05/01/2018
  • Q: Umami
  • Pax: Mama D, Sprinkles, Cock a Doodle Doo, The Entertainer, Night Owl, Vino, Umami

The weather is starting to get warm, but we found some shade and got through what looked like an easy enough work out … on paper.  Not so much in reality.  After typing this up, I can’t believe we got this all in an hour with time for a short devotion too.  You ladies brought your A game today!!!

Warm Up

20 static butt kickers (slow)
20 butt kickers
20 static high knees (slow)
20 high knees
20 chicken scoops
20 single leg elbow kisses (raise one leg if you like)

The Thang: Start with a  strength and cardio workout

Upper (repeat x 3)
bicep curl x 12
pushup x 12
tricep dips x 12

Tababa #1 (20 second work, 10 second rest, alternate exercises until you’ve done each 4 times)
mountain climbers

Lower (repeat x 3)
walking lunges x 20
squats x 15
bridges x 15 (2 feet on the ground, left leg raised, right leg raised)

Tabata #2 (same pattern as #1)
squat jump

Core (repeat x 3)
Russian twist x 20
hip dip planks x 30 seconds
plank x 30 seconds

Tabata #3 (same pattern as #1)
jumping lunges
plank jacks

Next up: PAX choice arm work.  Each PAX chose one arm exercise and we did most for 20 reps.

Three Minute Plank Challenge
30 second plank
30 second plank while raising alternating feet
30 second right side plank
30 second left side plank
30 second plank
30 second spidermans (bring knee toward elbow while maintaining plank)

Fast – slow – fast
15 monkey humpers – slow
15 monkey humpers – fast
15 monkey humpers – slow

And just for fun (and to fill some time) we moved to the picnic tables.
20 mountain climbers with hands at bench level
20 mountain climbers with hands at table level
20 squats with left foot on bench
20 squats with right foot on bench
20 lunges with right foot on bench
20 lunges with left foot on bench

Devo: My mom was given 12-24 hours to live last week Wednesday by her hospice nurse.  On Thursday evening and again early Friday morning, I said goodbye to her, thinking I would not see her again in this lifetime.  Tonight, I ate dinner with her and she seems to be doing better than she has in months.  She will never actually recover from her alzheimer’s but she is living proof that all things happen on God’s timeline not ours.


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