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September 6, 2018
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September 6, 2018

Is that your boyfriend?

  • When: 08/28/2018
  • Q: Sarge
  • Pax: Lucky Charms, Bookie, Stitch, Picasso, Kitty, Running Horse, Tongs

It was a last minute Q change so I went to my old fallback… the dodecahedron of pain!!! We rolled 3 rolls and performed the exercises on the dodec before running a lap in the parking lot. We repeated this process for 35 minutes. In that time, we completed 120 pushups, 75 walking lunges, 125 russian twists, 75 crunches, 150 jumping jacks. We ended with a 5 minute finisher!! You wouldn’t think this would be tough but it was killer. The finisher was 5 burpees, 5 jump squats, 5 plyometric lunges repeated as many times as possible in 5 minutes!!! Ouch!!

Somewhere in the middle of the pain, a man walked by and one of our pax said hello to him. Not any big deal. But as soon as she finished speaking, Running Horse looks over and says “Is that your boyfriend?” It was just so funny to all of us during this moment of torture and mainly because she was so serious when she said it, we all just laughed and laughed. The laughter helped us get through the finisher. It probably wasn’t even funny!!!! But for some reason, it was hilarious to us. Thanks for getting us through the pain, Running Horse!

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