Iron Maiden PB… Iron Co-Q workout!

SM 11/7 – Back Blast
November 8, 2018
120’s Workout
November 8, 2018

Iron Maiden PB… Iron Co-Q workout!

  • When: 11/09/2018
  • Q: Iron Woman and Threads
  • Pax:

Calling all Iron Fia’s!  We would love to see you tomorrow at Iron Maiden for a collaborative co-Q featuring Iron Woman and Threads.  This is my (Threads) maiden Q for this site, so I’m excited to push my Q skills to help create a tough workout.

Looks like we may have a bit of rain, so we will be prepared to either make our way down the greenway to the Stonehenge rocks, or stay put in the parking deck.  We will be doing a lot of repetition via a tabata format workout, and some 11’s sprinkled throughout.  Our workout will also feature some bands and creative cardio (aka not a ton of running) to cater to those who participated in the marathons.  Don’t worry though, this doesn’t mean it will be easy.  You know we wouldn’t leave you wanting more once the clock strikes 6am!

Looking forward to it!

xo ~ Threads

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