September 15, 2018
The Valley Back-blast
September 15, 2018

Hurricane Strong

  • When: 09/14/2018
  • Q: Kimpossible
  • Pax: Triplecrown, Sunshine, Frozen, Cakeboss, Globetrotter

We were all gearing up for Florence, thankful to be able to workout and enjoyed the welcomed breeze.

Warm up: Windmills, butt kickers, arm circles, tin soldiers and short run.

We went with our hurricane theme doing categories and finished each one holding a plank, each peeling off with a sprint to the nearest stop sign and jog back. Raggedy Ann’s until all Pax were back.

Category 5: 20 squat jumps, 15 high knees, plank/sprint

Category 4: 18 push-up shoulder taps, 14 jumping jacks, plank/sprint

Category 3: 15 Alternating lunges, 13 mountain climbers, plank/sprint

Category 2: 12 push-ups, 10 plank jacks, plank/sprint

Category 1: 10 superman, 5 burpees, plank/sprint

Short run around parking lot and repeat categories. Ran to start and finished with boat/canoes, flutter kicks, heel taps, monkey jumpers, Russian twists and stretching.

Praying for you all, and those in the path of Hurricane Florence. Stay safe!

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  1. We’re using this in East Orlando tomorrow morning…as Dorian looms ahead. THANKS for planning this. :>)

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