This website has been carefully designed, with a lot of thought and effort put into making it useful to FiAs in all regions. We developed this site to accomplish the following:

  • We want to encourage even more conversation and community building! Posting what we’re up to – and commenting on the same really connects us.
  • As we’re expanding, we wanted to give each Region the ability to customize parts of their communication – and not be bombarded with Charlotte-Metro chatter.
  • But we also want this website to provide the organization for us to grow our communities in a fairly consistent FiA way.



To have an avatar, you need to set up a Gravatar (globally recognized avatar) at (link at top left of our site) that is associated with the same email that received your fianation credentials.  Do not use your FiA login username and password.



Workout Backblasts:

Please backblast (and preblast, when appropriate) all workouts and events. These backblasts serve as great templates for future workouts and keeps the chatter going!

  • Workout Qs are responsible for writing their own Backblasts.
  • Please select your region category (#1) and tag (#2) the specific workout accurately – it will help keep us organized.  Below is a screen shot of the right pane on the ‘Posts’ – ‘Add New’ screen.  You  should select your Region category and then Tag the workout (Air Raid!, State House, etc.)  If you can’t see these Selections, please make sure all the toggles in your “Screen Options” (top right, near your avatar) are all checked on.

Post Screen Shot

You want to add snazzy photos to your post – a little sizzle with the steak?  If you have only one photo to add, please set it as a Featured Image and it will show up on the Home Page.  MAKE SURE THIS IS ORIGINAL CONTENT – we cannot use copyrighted material


Or if you have multiple images, you can insert the photos into the body of the post with the “Add Media” button.

Add Media

If you are not credentialed to post to the site, please contact your Regional Leader and she can set you up with permissions.



FiA Fire:

This blog allows FiA’s to share thoughtful musings and sage advice to the FiA Nation! Please follow these guidelines when creating / posting to these categories:

  • Posts should represent original thought and content with minimal links to “cool articles.”
  • Please be respectful of differing beliefs, watch your language and place posts intended for a smaller target audience in your region’s Facebook page or other forum..
  • Posts should be reviewed and approved by two FiA leaders prior to posting – Board Members and Regional Leaders fit this bill.




Thanks for your participation and cooperation. This site is only as good as YOU make it!

The FiA Board