No Rules, Just Right Workout
March 5, 2019
Russian Hot Potato Twists
March 5, 2019

Hill Day Wednesday

  • When: 02/27/2019
  • Q: Juice
  • Pax: Pepper, Jazzy, Sunrise, Java, Salt, Juice

Warm up in lot

slow high knees, slow butt kickers, hip openers, cherry pickers, stretch in a runners lunge

Mosey to hill in front of Dacus Library.

4 min AMRAP

run up and down the hill and always stop at the to complete the workout each time you pass the top.

*** NOTE: Only one exercise per 4 minute AMRAP round. ***

Elbow to knee/Hillbilly walkers (10 each side)

Narrow squats (10 total)

Double leg side lifts (5 each side)

U-boats (10 total)

Reverse Crunches (10 total)

Explosive pushups (10 total)

Run back to Oakland Presby lot.

Stretch at leisure



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