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May 8, 2018
Wake & Shake Monday
May 8, 2018

HIIT, Derby, Seat on Saturday

  • When: 05/06/2018
  • Q: Beaker
  • Pax: Pepper, Couch Potato, Morph, H2O, Sketch, Riptide, Venus, Mighty Mouse, Beaker, Susan Bass (FNG Aurora), Abigail (FNG Burr Sir)

11 PAX, including 2 FNGs, on a beautiful sunny Saturday for some intense HIIT work, our version of the Kentucky Derby (winner received free coffee from Q), and some seat work to finish off the hour.

Warm-up: jog, arm circles, good mornings

The Thang:
Part A (1 minute each):
1 Jumping jacks
Imperial walkers

2 star jumps

3 burpees
Ankle biters

4 jumping lunges
leg lifts

5 squat jumps
Bicycle crunches

6 goofballs (ask F3)
Push ups

7 tuck jumps
curtsy lunges

8 mountain climbers
Flutter kicks

9 high knees
Glute bridge

10 skaters
Plank dips/butt ups

1 minute rest and then repeat Part A for 30 seconds each.

Part B: Partner runs suicides, other partner does these:
1) Burpees 2) squats 3) lunges 4) Raggedy Anns

Part C: EMOM (6 min)
Right leg: fire hydrant, donkey kicks, rainbow glute
Left leg: fire hydrant, donkey kicks, rainbow glute

Everyone worked really hard today!!

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