#RandomActsofLightDay – Tabata Stations
June 13, 2018
Track PB: Off-track intervals
June 13, 2018

HIIT a Homerun

  • When: 06/13/2018
  • Q: Ramsey
  • Pax: Ratchet, Mrs. 3, Vice, Heavy Metal, Fixer Upper (FIA sister from SC!), Cut, Ketchup, Lotus, Grasshopper, Primary, Alamo, Doublestuff

Warm-o-rama: 16ic cherry pickers, 15ic chest explosions, 15ic raggedy anns

The Thang: 30 secs of each exercise, 4 rounds; all with weights

1 – Lunge Forward with shoulder pulls; same side, start with right

2 – Weighted Stance Jack; heavier weight

3 – Side Plank Burpees; alternating sides

4 – Back Lunge Bicep Curls; both weights; alternating legs

5 – Row Taps; same side

6 – Marching Oblique Crunches; heavier weight

7 – Fly Taps; same side

8 – Sumo Squat Shoulder press; both weights

9 – Glute Bridge; heavier weight

10 – Glute lifts/Fire Hydrants with weight held in knee; same side

We then stretched, prayed, and lifted-up our hearts to our sister, Fence, and her family.

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