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January 22, 2018
CRock PreBlast: Posting with Poli!
January 22, 2018

High Rollers

  • When: 01/22/2018
  • Pax: Soto, Jewels, Mama Bear, Coach, Nomad, Bodhi, Passport.

We started with a quick warmup of jumping jacks and high knees, excited to have a morning with temps. above freezing! Then it was up to Lady Luck, with a roll of the dice our exercises for round 1 were chosen; Running Jacks, Calf Raises, Slow Push-ups, Shoulder Twist Ups (should have been cross plank, apologies to those who posted for the extra shoulder exercises!), and Strong Woman Flex. We did three sets of each, the reps chosen with another throw of the dice, starting with 5 reps, up to 12 for the last set. Our “break” was a quick mini-lap, before tossing the dice for round 2. Round 2 exercises were High Knees, Side Lunges, Incline Push-ups, Tricep Dips, and Hanging Kicks. 3 sets of each, from 7 reps up to 12 reps, again finishing with a mini-lap. At this point we were all warmed up and ready to take on a final round; Switch Backs, Squat Hold, Plank, and 1 leg Tricep Dips. Passport thought it was a quick round, until Jewels reminded everyone there were still Twist Ups to do… quickly renamed Jewels Push-ups. Reps of 7, 10, and 10 made the last round tough, but perfect timing for a final lap, and then COT. COT was giving big props to our fearless Rucking Rosies who represented us well at the first FIA Female Ruck Light over the weekend. It was a good reminder to step out of our comfort zones, and really challenge ourselves. So proud of Gi Jane, Mona Lisa, Diego and Peaches. Way to go Rosies! We finished COT of a reminder about all our social events coming up. Great start to the week!

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