The Storm after the Storm
June 8, 2017
3 Miler
June 8, 2017

High Fives at Happy Hour

  • When:
  • Q: Hot Wheels
  • Pax: Longhorn, Special K, Soprano, FNG- Catherine, Ginger Spice, Fire Tower, Vador, Piroette, Wedding Singer, Dynomite, FNG-Angela, Palmetto, Hurricane, Paw, Twinkletoes, Epi, SugarBaker, Hot Wheels

FiA was rolling deep at Paramore Park! I love when the parking lot is full of FiA stickers! I love that FiA is contagious for some! I love the friendships, the bonding, the improvement, the strength, and the LOVE that FiA has given us!

Circle up for some jumping jacks, butt kickers, and high knees IC

What went down

10 Burpees

10 Squat Thrusters

10 Hand Release Pushups

Run the loop {aprox .3 of a mile down and back}


10 Tricep Extensions

10 Front Raises

10 Shoulder Presses

Run the loop


High fives were happening while PAX passed one another on their run!

When those that finish first run out to follow up with the six. No PAX left behind. Always encourage, always push!

Tabata 30 seconds work 10 rest

Spider man Plank/Front leg lift

Plank leg lift/ planking up downs

Nam-o-Rama COT Prayer

Welcome Top Shelf and Magic Hat!!

We had some great fellowship at Tapped after! Lots of laughs and some of us did our wall sit challenge with a cold drink in our hand!


Lots of FiA love!

PS. I had a really hard time hearing the names that were recorded on my phone, I am sorry if I missed you!!



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