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September 15, 2018
September 16, 2018

Here comes the bus!

  • When: 09/15/2018
  • Q: Fullback
  • Pax: Peachtree, Zeppelin, TeaTree (respect), Miller, MaryLou and Beam(respect)

I am thankful that 5 PAX  joined me on this lovely Hurricane Florence morning. ( Dipstick too – who ran her 3 miles as we did our workout)   I am also thankful for the gate being open so we could get into Bond Park and do our thing.  The plan was Tabata under the overhang at the Senior Center to keep us dry.  Alternating between the 2 exercises 30 seconds each with a 10 second break between each for a total 8 sets.   I tried to focus on a specific body part each round.   Followed by a 2 minute bonus exercise!

And Lastly I am extremely thankful for the chance to chat with such lovely ladies.  Listening to my story and everyone else’s stories.  Thank you for all the kind thoughts and prayers!

And BTW: Just in case you need to know:  The Cary bus runs even when the Town or Cary is closed.  It goes under the overhang at the Senior center at 8:30 , 8:45 and 9am.  Sometimes 2 buses come at the same time. !!  So this delayed us a bit – but no worries we got our workout in!


  • Bicep Curls and Hammer Curls – 2 min run or wall sit
  • Jump Squats  and 180 suitcase jump squats – 2 min lunges
  • Merkins and Diamond Pushups – 2 min run or plank
  • Mountain Climbers and Plank Jacks – 2 min run or wall sit
  • Skull Crushers and and Narrow Press

Partner abs

– Side plank( back to back) – touch hands on top  and then reach under and touch

– Feet to Feet with partner – Full sit up with weight-  at top pass weight to partner

Oops – Skipped Name-o-rama !

Oh and another HUGE  thank you to MaryLou for her prayer at the end of our workout. I know Miller thanks you too!

– Fullback


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