Grass Fed FiA (a.k.a. Field Day)
October 3, 2018
Build Your Own Pyramid
October 3, 2018

Head to Toe

  • When: 10/01/2018
  • Q: Benadryl- Michele Melton
  • Pax: Titanium, Sonic Boom, Hermione, Queen Bee, Queso, Turkey Trot, Benadryl

As a first time Q I wasn’t sure about much, but the one thing I did know is that these fabulous ladies are hard workers and step up to any challenge that presents itself.   Today was no exception.  I showed up with a list of 16 strength exercises separated by a rotation of 5 cardio moves that resulted in a 40+ minute workout that succeeded in fatiguing our muscles from head to toe without breaking our spirit…well, mostly.  With the help of some motivational music, every one of these FiA rock stars pushed themselves to challenge every muscle group imaginable, including our beating (bursting?!?) hearts.

The Thang: Do as many reps as possible of a strength exercise, followed by 15 seconds of rest.  After rest, complete one minute of high intensity cardio followed by another 15 second rest.  Repeat (a lot).  When you think you’re done, run the full length and back of the parking lot at your top speed as a final Hoo-Rah!  Much to my dismay, Queso did not confess to her birthday until the last second of our time together, so she got a serenade but no special workout.  Next time, Queso….next time.

Strength Exercises:

Calf Raises, Donkey Kicks Left, Donkey Kicks Right, Dead Lift with Row, Side Arm Raise with Press, Tricep Extensions, Bicep Curls, Push Ups, Side Lead Left, Side Lean Right, Full Sit Ups, Squats, Standing Side Leg Lifts Left, Standing Side Leg Lifts Right, Lying Inner Leg Lifts Left, Lying Inner Leg Lifts Right

Cardio Exercises:

Burpees, Mountain Climbers, Suicide Drills, Jumping Jacks, Knee Raises, or choose your own adventure 🙂


After confessing that (due to preoccupation with my to-do list) I nearly walked by my 6 year old without congratulating her on singing her first ever choir solo in church, we discussed the vital importance of slowing down and focusing on what matters.  The lyrics from the Jonny Diaz song “Breathe” reminded us to do just that: stop, take a breath, and remember to spend time sitting at the feet of our Lord and Savior (who will set us right if we’ll just allow Him space on our to-do lists!).   I’m not posting the lyrics here due to copyright  concerns, but a quick internet search will pull them right up and you can read them in their entirety for a healthy dose of perspective on re-setting ourselves toward what really matters in this crazy life!

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