Thelma- track cancelled
October 10, 2018
Are you ready to sweat
October 11, 2018

Have you seen the Pyramids?

  • When: 10/10/2018
  • Q: Explorer
  • Pax: Slugger, Frisk, Steeler, Globetrotter, Insomnia, Splits, Steeler, Explorer

I borrowed this from FIA Aiken…if I can’t go to the pyramids for my birthday, we can do a pyramid workout here in good old Lex.

Warm Up

Side step with overhead reach (10 IC)
Butt kickers 10IC
Arm Circles, 10 forward, and 10 backward

The Thang

A pyramid style workout. Start at the top and work down. Then start back up until time was called.

60 side leg raises (split between each leg) 

1 minute wall sit

45 fire hydrants (each leg)

45 Tricep dips on the curb

1 minute wall sit

30 donkey kicks (each leg)

30 frog crunches

30 shoulder taps

1 minute wall sit

15 lunges (each leg)

15 Jump Squats

15 push ups

15 burpees

1 minute wall sit

Run around the parking lot


My 9 year old daughter recently heard of a need of my husband’s Uncle Mark.  He is taking a trip to India at the end of the month to lead a conference for pastors.  While there, he also wants to give a monetary gift to each pastor’s wife for them to use to further the gospel.  My daughter gave $5 which was more than half of her piggy bank.  The next day she was sad she had given away her money b/c she found something else she wanted.  Well, a couple a days later, my dad came over and gave each of us a $5 bill for our camping trip…he had never done that before.  My daughter and I discussed that God provided another $5 for her.  A good reminder to give for God’s purposes.

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