Tabata Comes Back to The Pitt
February 12, 2018
February 12, 2018

Happy Mardi Gras

  • When: 02/12/2018
  • Q: Nola
  • Pax: Tech, Jeraffica, and FNG Shaniquia

Since I’m from New Orleans adn Mardi Gras is tomorrow, I brought the party to NC!!!

Warm up:

Hey Misters – jumping jacks

Grab them beads – stand up mountain climbers

Dodge getting hit by throws – bob and weave squats

Mambos – wide march

There are 26 parades rolling in Uptown NOLA this year, so for each exercise we will do 26 reps

Round 1: Parade Ready – our bodies need to be ready to catch beads and stand up all day

Tricep kickbacks – weights

Sumo squat with shoulder press – weights

Calf raises


Run after a float – sprint back and forth (twice each way)

Round 2: Pay Homage to Parade Food

Popping Champagne – jump squats

Popeye’s Fried Chickens wings – tricep dips

Chips and Dips – hip dips

Crawfish Boil – low country crab boil

Rd 3: Parade Delay

Beads on the Ground – skaters – with weights

Squatting in the port a potty – monkey humpers

Pushing your bag of beads around – push ups

Shuffling to daiquiri shop – side shuffle back and forth (twice)

Rd 4: Parade is over

White Russian Twists – Russian twists – weight

Kick people out of our way as we walk to our car – flutter kicks

Bicycle our way home from the parade – bicycles

Happy Mardi Gras’ – Roaslitas

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