Just keep moving! BB Saturday 11/11/17
November 15, 2017
Eagles’ Nest Backblast – 11/15
November 15, 2017

  • When: 11/09/2017
  • Q: Oorah
  • Pax: Spokes, Float, Young Scrappy, Float, Chzy, Peacock, Jazzy, Varsity, Flash

On a rainy morning at Stargazers, 9 Pax gathered under the nearby picnic shelter the day before the Marine Corps birthday. In honor of that, some of the following exercises are those done at USMC boot camp & OCS:

Warm up: Jumping Jax, Low Jax, Tricep Jax

HIIT 45secs on, 15secs rest – 45/15:

1. Squats – option for pulsing

2. Lunge – static or pulsing (R)

3. Knee repeaters (R)

4. Runner’s lunge – pulsing (R)

5. Crescent lunge – pulsing (R)

6. Lunge – static or pulsing (L)

7. Knee repeaters (L)

8. Runner’s lunge – pulsing (L)

9. Crescent lunge – pulsing (L)


10. Chattaranga pushups – elbows in, modified: on knees

11. Yogi bicycles

12. Knee repeaters (R)

13. Knee repeaters (L)

14. Bob & weave squat

15. Froggers

16. Russian Twist

17. Fire hydrant

18. Curtsy lunges


19. Burpees

20. Single leg touches (L)

21. Single leg touches (R)

22. Plank w/ twist (L)

23. Plank w/ twist (R)

24. Bridge

25. Boat pose


26. Reclined pigeon (L)

27. Stay in reclined pigeon, stamp foot (R) of body so you’re laying in a twist

28. Reclined pigeon (R)

29. Stay in reclined pigeon, stamp foot (L) of body so you’re laying in a twist

30. Savasana

While in COT & Name-o-rama:

31. Sitting twist (R)

32. Sitting twist (L)

“Don’t be delicate…be vast and brilliant” -unknown

Oorah included a picture of the uniform of the day she had to wear at work in honor of her Marine Corps birthday. This Marine is not delicate…she is vast and brilliant.



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