Happy Birthday Fun!
September 10, 2018
Water Workout
September 11, 2018

Happy Birthday From Mama Moose

  • When: 09/04/2018
  • Q: Mama Moose
  • Pax: Gypsy, Fosse, Ivory, intern,

Using the anniversary date 9, 2, 17…we did 12 rounds (1 for each month)of exercises with 9 reps – 2star jumps – 17reps
1 jumping Jacks
2 plank up downs
3 down dog pushups
4 rock star jumps
5 full roll up
6 Peter parker
7 good mornings
8 reverse plank leg lifts
9 abs, behind the knee claps
10 high knee + same side kick
11 alt toe touches laying down
12 skaters

2 breaks at the playground for modified pull ups

After celebrating FiA Toledos birthday, we celebrated OUR birthday with a different exercise for each month and reps for the day born:
Gypsy – Dec (flutter kicks) 15
Fosse- Jan (pulse up crunches) 20
Ivory- oct (baby jumping jacks) 23
Intern – April ( hand release push ups) 15
Mama Moose – March (inch worm) 1

Ending our workout in a circle holding hands to help each other balance in warrior pose on each leg.

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  1. Mama Moose says:

    Mama Moose also spent a few moments explaining what FiA has changed in her life over the last year:

    FiA Toledo has brought 3 major differences in my life over this last year… Leadership, Mentorship and Friendship.
    Leadership has appeared as I stepped out of my “box” to start leading workouts and convincing other woment (and myself) that this concept of a peer supported, free, workout group would work. Then I saw the leadership role change, as I stepped back and encouraged the shy and those who saw themselves as ‘weak’ get stronger both physically and mentally…and helped them develop the confidence to get stronger and lead a workout! Some of those women are now the ones that put together tough workouts or are site Qs…but others took on important roles to develop the rest of the body, like mind and heart. I LOVE seeing the transition.
    Along with leadership, I have found the mentoring that was lacking in my carrer. I depend on new relationships that have developed to help guide me as a person and help me professionally.
    That goes hand in hand with friendship…probably the most common comment among the women of FiA. The new friends, supporters, and circle that I know is available at any time of day or night for each other. Its amazing and truly wonderful.
    I appreciate all of the women that make FiA work, and I hope to help it continue far into the future!

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