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September 11, 2018
Working the Glutes before the Storm
September 11, 2018

Happy 1 Year FiA Toledo

  • When: 09/02/2018
  • Q: Java, HT, Scalpel
  • Pax: Screech, Chick-fil-A, Double Shot, Mama Moose, Gypsy, Jake from State Farm, Sassy Pants, Cork, Java, Saturn, Zen, Scout, Lucky, Titanium, Old School, Ivory, Nurse Ratchet, Sarge, Chopsticks, Lilac, Fix-it, and Blackhawk

Our First Year Anniversary was All Fun and Games🤗

For our warm-up today, PAX were good sports as we got to “shake it all about” with the Hokey Pokey! Starting in plank, we pulled our right foot in, pushed it out, pulled it in & shook it all about. We moved in a a tight circle while holding plank and jumped up with a clap to “that’s what it’s all about”. We repeated similar movements in plank position with our hands, elbows, hips, head, “whole self” and “backside”. ☺️

Transitioned to open field for red light, green light game. 🚦 When “green light” was called PAX moved forward toward cones in distance performing traveling movement. When “red light” was called, PAX stopped to perform an exercise in place. “Yellow light” was called for PAX to jog it out. Switched exercises when we reached the cones.

1.🏃‍♀️Walking March (elbow-knee) +
🛑 standing side crunch

2.🏃‍♀️Alternating lunges +
🛑static lunge knee pulls

3.🏃‍♀️Lateral jump squats (switch sides each time) +
🛑squat pulses

4.🏃‍♀️Bear crawl +
🛑hand release push-ups

5.🏃‍♀️Crab walk +
🛑Reverse tabletop kicks

Transition to HT!
4 Squares were placed 10 yards apart in a bigger square. There were 20 balls placed in each square. The group was divided into 4 teams. The object of the game was to end up with the most balls in your square when the time ran out.
We ran for 1 minute, 2 minute shuffle, 1 minute run, 2 Minute Skip, 1 Minute run, 2 minute bear crawl, 1 minute run, 1 minute Frog Jump, 1 minute lunge, 1 minute run.

What color won again?
– They were too kind and gave the losing teams only 10 jumping jacks.

Transition to Scalpel!
Abs completed by picking popsicle sticks and completing the exercise on the stick.
Some of the exercises included…
Crossover crunches
Pulse ups
Weighted side crunches
Opposite toes touches
Russian twists
Flutter kicks
Sumo side crunches

Cool Down


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