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October 4, 2016
Happy Camel Pre Blast
October 4, 2016

Hammertime Circuit Workout

  • When: 10/04/2016
  • Q: Hammertime
  • Pax: Doiley, Icy Hot, Gomer, POTUS, Fireball, Suess, Poppins, Doc, FNG - Michaela

It was pleasant out this morning, the breeze was nice!  There were 10 of us today, way to go ladies!

Warm Up:  Elbow to knees, Jumping Jacks & Arm Circles both directions and Windmills

The Thang:

Circuit 1

Cross Arm Side Lunge – 20 Reps, alt sides

Down Dog Abs – 20 Reps, alt sides

Squat with Leg Lift – 20 Reps, alt sides

Circuit 2

Push Ups – 10 Reps

Bird Dogs (opposite arm/leg reach on hands & knees) – 20 Reps, alt sides

Side Planks – 30 seconds, each side

Circuit 3

Single Leg Dead Lift – 20 Reps (10 one side then switch)

V-sits or knees to chest – 10 Reps

One leg Glute Bridges – 20 Reps, (10 one side then switch)

One minute break and repeat two more times

Ended with Icy Hot’s suggested Shake & Bake

CoT: Prayers for Talley Ho’s Dad, still not doing well, Ace’s Family’s Health, Allie Oop is moving (we wish all the best Alley Oop), Poppins brother’s move and success, balance, clarity, knowledge, our world & country, Suess’ family and especially her mom and travel, POTUS’ son’s health

Praise:  Thankful for our group,  Fellowship with group @ 5 K’s, etc… FNG: Michaela joining us



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