Who Knew 20 seconds Would Be So Good
June 2, 2018
That’s a lot of cardio
June 2, 2018

Grumble Chatter Ladder

  • When: 06/02/2018
  • Q: Queso
  • Pax: BB, Turkey Trot, Queen Bee, Gray Towers, Benadryl (FNG), Iglesia, Jersey Girl, Hermione, Queso

We had 9 PAX post at this mornings ladder workout – a lot of mumble chatter/grunting on this one! That’s always a good sign of a good beat down!

We set our mats and weights up, got in position & started warmed up with 25 jumping jacks in cadence to unite the PAX.


We did a ladder for each section of our bods: upper body ladder, lower body ladder, & ab ladder.  We started with the upper body ladder at 10reps and worked our way down to 1rep of each exercise listed, then moved onto the next ladder. No body part felt left out during this workout! 🙂

Upper Body ladder:
-push ups
-bicep curls
-overhead press
-tricep dips
-tricep extension

Hermione’s arms are looking well defined and I think it’s because she’s really been working hard at her big girl push ups!  She knocks those pushups out on her toes….something we all struggled with our first few months with FiA. #FitnessGoals

BB got low with her tricep dips and really focused on making sure her form was 💯

Lower Body ladder:
-step ups
-donkey kicks
-sumo squat pulses

I caught Queen Bee putting in that extra work by using weights for her squats…..wuuuuut?!?! As if it wasn’t hard enough as it is!! After following her lead, it not only did give an extra burn to the squat, but gave extra balance, especially for the sumo squat pulses…win-win?  The jury is still out on that first win…. 🙂

Looking over at Iglesia made me smile, per usual.  She was just easily popping up and down during her step ups….so nonchalant….while I’m over here like “someone get me some oxygen!”

Turkey Trot gets her donkey kicks up HIGH!  She starts parallel to the ground and then takes them to a new level with a burst of strength.  This girl has power!

Benadryl tried out the fancy curtsy lunge during one of the rounds of those….and #nailedit! But for.real.  For an FNG, she’s a power house!  I’d bet she’ll be Q-ing and kicking our butts before we know it!

Ab Ladder:
-reverse crunch
-walking plank
-flutter kicks

Jersey Girl not only pushes herself throughout the entire workout, but has some kinda stamina I wish I could find sometimes! She keeps pluggin away!  I think I saw her throw in some bicycles just for the fun of it?!?! Always working & I love it!

Despite them being one of Titanium’s favorites, they are definitely NOT mine! Gray Towers worked on hers like champ today though!  I don’t know what it is about these, but I can’t even dream about doing mine as smooth as she did hers…..I’m going to need some tips on this one, girl!

Between each round we planked until the last FiA finished and then we all started the next ladder together.  We ended with a 1 minute [shakey] plank together – AWESOME JOB!!!!! #StrongerTogether

COT time was from Proverbs 16:9 and we talked about how we can try and try to do it our way and steer ourselves in one direction in life, only to be met with continuous barriers or struggles along the way.  It’s good to stop and reflect on if that’s what God really wants for you.  His open doors are much easier to walk through than the doors that we’re trying to open on our own.


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