Foxtrot BB: Bring on the Heat!
June 10, 2018
Arms+Cardio Burst
June 11, 2018

Great Pyramid of BLIMPS

  • When: 06/09/2018
  • Q: Lilo
  • Pax: Peppers, Copay, Crab Cake

It was a warm and humid morning, but 4 PAX gathered to burn some calories to some of the greatest hits from the 90’s. Today’s workout was a mix of BLIMPS and pyramids, with a shout out to F3 Publix for helping.

Music- Check

Warmup IC: Butt Kickers, Windmills, Arm Circles, Cherry Pickers–followed by a lap around the parking lot.


B=Burpees – 5

L=Lunges – 10

I=Imperial Storm Troopers – 15

M=Merkins (push-ups) – 20

P=Plank Jacks – 25

S=Squats – 30


B – run a lap

B+L- run a lap

B+L+I- run a lap

B+L+I+M- run a lap

B+L+I+M+P – run a lap

B+L+I+M+P+S – run a lap

S- run a lap

S+P- run a lap

S+P+M- run a lap

S+P+M+I- run a lap

S+P+M+I+L- run a lap

S+P+M+I+L+B- run a lap

TOTALS= 2 miles / 35 Burpees / 70 Lunges (each leg) / 105 Storm Troopers / 140 Pushups / 175 Plank Jacks / 210 Squats

And Boy am I feeling those squats today!! We moved to the shade and finished with a quick ab orkout-3 rounds of 5 exercises, 10 reps each. While I counted, Copay serenaded us with her awesome rapping skills! 🙂

Bicycles/Flutter Kicks/Knee-elbow/Scissors/Russian Twists

Devo:”Pay careful attention to your own work, for then you will get the satisfaction pf a job well done, and you won’t need to compare yourself to anyone else.” (NLT) Gal 6:4

This verse can apply not only to our work, but also the other areas of our lives that we compare. Comparison is a trap of pride we often willingly walk into because we take our eyes off of Christ and focus on ourselves. When we look at other people’s work, home, belongings, or bodies, it keeps us from experiencing happiness with the gifts God gave us. Don’t let comparison rob you of the joy of God’s blessings. If you find yourself constantly comparing, refocus your thoughts on the positives of what you have.”

(From the daily Bible devotion app “The Satisfaction”)




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