June 12, 2018
Eagles Nest preblast bring weight and mat
June 12, 2018


  • When: 06/08/2018
  • Q: Baby mama
  • Pax: Fiber, Mac & Chz, Thunder Road

This Q was a rattled mess Friday morning, however, we got the work out in and I was on time to see my oldest graduate the 6th grade!

Warm Up:

10 cherry pickers, 10 arm circles front and back

The thang:

4 sets of these 10 exercises-25 reps of each exercise

Butt lift w/ chest press, jumping jacks, scissors (25 each leg), bicep curls, squat jumps, flutter kicks (25 each leg), tricep kick backs, calf raises, peter parkers, & leg lifts (25 each leg)

In between each set, we ran from one end to the parking lot to the other of the library parking area.

We had 3 minute ab burnout, crunches w/ legs

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