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October 25, 2017
Let’s Get Warm!
October 25, 2017

Grab a Partner and Do-Si…Oh

  • When: 10/25/2017
  • Q: Hardcore and Double Take
  • Pax: Steeler, Captain, Octomom, Iron Chef, Jitters, Love Boat, El Chapo, Flossie, Chompers, Hannibal, Hardcore, Double Take

12 PAX braved the bitter cold….or at least cold in the south….to have a partner workout with sandbags.


15 Arm Circles IC (Front and Back)

15 Through the Tunnel IC

10 Jumping Jacks

15 Knee Raises (each side)


Partner up and each person grab a sandbag, and get started:

50 Partner Sit-ups passing the sandbag back and forth and touching it overhead

Get up and jog to the end of the parking lot

20 Partner Burpees tossing the sandbag back and forth at the top of the burpee

Jog to the front of the church

Side shuffle with of building, then switch sides to the sidewalk

Jog to the playground

Partner pull-ups on the monkey bars (or taking turns with modified ones with the swings)

Jog to the covered walkway

In two teams using one sandbag, pass the sandbag from the first person overhead to the one behind. The last sprints to the front. Repeat.

Going back to the start, pass the sandbag through the legs to person behind.

Jog to the breezeway

50 Step-ups on the wall with sandbag

Jog to the side parking lot

20 More Partner Burpees, this time jumping over your partner

Jog to the road at rear of the church

Run up the hill with the sandbag overhead 10 times

Jog to the side of the building

Wall sit passing one sandbag down and back 5 times

Indian run back to the start

I know everyone was disappointed we ran out of time for floor wipers…ah, next time.




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