Sunday at the Art Museum
September 16, 2018
Do(ar) Your Personal Best
September 17, 2018

Getting to knooooooow you-FiA Style

  • When: 09/14/2018
  • Q: Screech
  • Pax: Wake, Officer Bouy (and by default baby Mikey since he's in-utero), Chipsticks, Katja, Taz, Java, Sunrise, Chic Fil A, Napigator, Rosetta

The circle was all about 🎶“getting to knoooooow you”🎶 this morning.

We started with a Warm Up:
1) March
2) Twist Elbow to opp Knee
3) Jog
4) Kick & Reach across
5) Butt Kicks
6) High Knees
7) Squat & Reach up
8) Tap Back (mini lunge) with arms up
9) Jacks (or tap)
10) Run Lap

Then moved on to Stations:
1. Sumo squat hold, med ball chest pass
2. Pushups & high 5
3. Standing Row w/ band
4. Med ball twist pass
5. Bicycle abs
6. Squat & press
7. Squat hold / high knees

Finally, we formed a Circle for Ring of FIRE style drills

Squat Hold – on your turn, jump up & shout: 1) birth month 2) Birth Date 3) Sign

Plank Hold – frog jump in & shout: 1) city of birth 2) HS where grad

Pulsing bowlers – switch side & shout: 1) How heard abt FiA 2) How long coming

Fast Feet – Drop to plank & shout: 1) Active goal 2) Bucket list item

Ended in COT and talked about intentions each of us should have for ourselves, trying to remember to be present in our moments, remember those who are in our different circles and how much they mean to us and to be sure that those we let in are the ones we want and know we care!

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