Killer Total Body
June 1, 2018
Backblast for We Fancy Saturday 5/30
June 1, 2018

Get your groove on

  • When: 05/31/2018
  • Q: Geronimo
  • Pax: Peaches, Soto, GI Jane, Linda (Trailblazer, Respect), Cami (TuTu), Lotus, Diego, Peachtree, ktahdin

For my first Q, I attempted to add a little  dance fitness into the mix. Hoping to do the dances on a regular basis, so we learn a couple new dances on a dance Q day but still repeat some of the older ones that people are more familiar with!

We had 10 present, 2 FNGs and a couple of ladies we hadn’t seen in awhile – welcome!



Warm-up: informal stretching


We got through the 3 dances linked at the bottom of the post. Each one was taught in sections, building on what was already covered until the whole dance was complete. After we finished doing/learning the 3 dances, we had just enough time to run them all back to back!

Everyone did awesome- even those less certain of their hidden dance ability rocked it!


nameorama – welcome our mother/daughter duo trailblazer and tutu!

Prayer requests/announcements


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