Upper Bod Blast
March 22, 2019
Saturday in the park
March 23, 2019

Get swole with some weights

  • When: 03/22/2019
  • Q: Squints
  • Pax: Squints, Model T, BB, Derby girl, Pixel, Patagonia, Excel 0.0

Warmed up with some jacks, toy soldiers, arm circles then traveled to the trash cans.  I wonder what others think who aren’t at Legacy Park… by I think this is the best way to describe where this is ☺️

4 sets of 25 and we ran after set 2 and 4

25 reverse flies

25 tricep extensions (or overhead)

25 bicep curls

25 chest press in bridge.

held plank to start the next set together.

4 sets of below exercises (we only got through 2)

60 sec wall sit

60 (single count) hamstring curls with weights at the knee (almost like a donkey kick)

60 goblet squats

60 big girl sit ups

Prayers and praises

Model T husband new job on Monday

Patagonia – God knows


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