Genesis Backblast: Chillin’ 11’s

Turkey Day Prep – Part 1
November 15, 2018
Payday Preblast – Teamwork
November 15, 2018

Genesis Backblast: Chillin’ 11’s

  • When: 11/15/2018
  • Q: Yo Adrian
  • Pax: Sweet, Lavender, Simply Southern, Hoops, Yo

So glad some gals joined me on this rainy, nasty, cold morning, but we warmed up quickly…

J’jax, 10IC
High knees, 10IC
Toy soldiers (sorta), 10ICish?
20 Overhead claps

We worked the 11’s today – work at the bottom, up 1 level, work at the top, back to bottom.
Started with 10 at bottom, 1 at top, 9 at bottom, 2 at top, etc…continued to keep that 11 total.

Round 1:
Bottom: front raises-side raises w/wts
Bear crawl up ramp
Top: donkey-hydrants (2:1)
Run to bottom

Round 2:
Bottom: side plank, thread the needle (side-side = 1, wt optional)
Lunges up ramp
Top: CDD’s
Run to bottom

We got through 1.5 rounds – I was ambitious with my planning, had 4 rounds planned out. I’ll be saving the other half, so stay tuned! 😉

Reminders: I set up a poll yesterday on FB to get all pax plans/thoughts for next Thurs, T’giving – pls help me out, so I can communicate if on or off, or DIY at home.
Also, look for the FiA Holiday Get Together/Cookie Exchange invite on FB. It’s Sun Dec 9, 3:30 – come for some, come for all, cookies optional – pls RSVP either way so we have numbers.

Thank you ladies for joining me, even when that cold rain is tempting to say in bed.

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