4 Corners….with a Twist
July 25, 2018
Hill yeah!
July 25, 2018

  • When: 07/25/2018
  • Q: Sandbox
  • Pax: Play-Doh, Excel 0.0, Lonestar, Regroup, Jambo, Brony, Mrs. Dip, Executor, and Change of Heart

9 lovely Legacy ladies joined me on this way more humid than hot (95% humidity 75 degrees F) morning for our workout.

We started the day with the warm-up in the circle:

Jumping Jacks – 15 IC
Leg Swings – 10 each leg
Hip Swings (Lift Knee up toward chin and swing out sideways) – 10 each leg
Calf Stretch with a scoop (BB Special) – 10 each leg

We gathered up our things and jogged down to the top of the stairs by the pond.  We set up our mats along the path and partnered up for the Thang!

Round 1: Partner 1 does 10 burpees while partner 2 does 20 squats; then switch.  Repeat with 9 burpees and 18 squats then 8 burpees to 16 squats, down to 1 and 2.

Those who finished early held plank. Then we took a jog around the pond before the next round.

Round 2: Partner 1 does 10 in/out squats while partner 2 does 20 jumping jacks; then switch.  Repeat with 9 in/out squats while partner does 18 jumping jacks; all the way down to 1 and 2.

No time for the other 2 rounds planned (save it for another day) so we did a quick HIIT performing 5 exercises for 30 seconds each with a 5 second rest between to change position:
Boxer Shuffle, X’s & O’s, Front Kicks, Reverse Crunches, and Football Shuffle.

We wrapped up our mats and headed back up the circle for counting off, naming off, and circle of trust.
Prayers for BB’s son’s lung will heal enough to come home from the hospital; Praises for One More’s house purchase; Praises for Sandbox’s house appraising, closing next week, and Mr. Sandbox’s started his new job.  Thankful for a new day and a fresh start (after a whole week off of FiA).

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