Diamonds in the Rough BB
August 4, 2017
Kettle Bells at GI with Scratch
August 4, 2017

Free Cat

  • When: 08/04/2017
  • Q: Excel 0.0
  • Pax: Regroup, Betty Boop, FNG Hannah - Dorothy, Patagonia, Felix, Clean Queen, TLC, Uhaul, BB, Brony, Renassiance, Sharapova,

Twelve PAX which included one new FiA (Welcome Dorothy!!) joined me this morning for our Friday swole session.  We had a random cat (named Fresh Squeeze-Patagonia has the cats of Legacy named) that was very vocal but we attempted to ignore it and got down to business. I am not sure about anyone else but I struggled with the hair drying process this morning. I am not sure if it was Wednesday or today but ouch! I am sure tomorrow is going to be even more enjoyable when Chili (aka the original swole sista) gets her hands on us.

Thanks to everyone for coming out. After Wednesday I wasn’t sure if I had scared some people off or not. 🙂

Warm up
10 Arm Circles CC forward
10 Arm Circles CC backwards
Michael Phelps
Pot Stirrers

The Thang
3 sets – 1 min exercise 15 sec rest.
Set 1
Bicep Curls – Full Range, slow and controlled
Lying chest Fly – legs at 90 degree angle
2 Rounds then 1 minute of high knees
Set 2
Bicep curl- top half curl only – slow and controlled
Reverse fly
Skull crushers
2 Rounds then 45 seconds of Jumping Jacks
Set 3
Bicep curl – bottom half curl only – slow and controlled
Front raise/side rasie
Overhead reach with leg lift
2 Rounds

Abs – 1 minute of each using weights
Vertical Toe Touch
Weighted sit up
Cross Body Toe Touch

Cougar – continued prayers for family and her father – praise he is in a little less discomfort

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