Surprise Workout
September 18, 2018
Fitness assessment day1
September 18, 2018

Fortune teller

  • When: 09/18/2018
  • Q: Bruiser
  • Pax: 11 Pax: Peak (R), Stride, Rocky, Nextstep, Salty, Motivator, Bruiser and (4) 2.0s

11 Pax came to #GatorGauntlet


Warm Up Cherry Pickers, Seal Claps, Pat yourself on the back, TTT, Toy Soldiers 

The Thang Fortune teller picks the exercise between Cardio(Black), Core (Red), Arms (Green), Legs (Blue)

Cooldown Dynamic stretches

Devo COT

Prayer request for Rebound and her family, NextStep’s husband, and those impacted from Florence

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