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August 17, 2018
Friday Morning HIIT
August 17, 2018

Football Friday

  • When: 08/17/2018
  • Q: Roadie
  • Pax: Rave, Glamo, Passport, Premium, Hot Tamale, Java Mama, Shebow, Roadie

Football season is kicking off tonight with high school games, NFL pre-season started last week, and college games are soon to follow! This is my favorite time of the year, so I couldn’t let the opportunity to celebrate pass us by!  We learned some football terminology while getting us Game ready!

Disclaimer; I am not a professional and will try to be able to breathe throughout the workout!

We did various stretches to get us warmed up then got into the game.

Each lady took a shot at being the Quarterback (we might not want to get our hopes up to get recruited after this morning’s try-outs! 🏈) we threw a pass to the lady who jogged up to the bowl; selected a play and backpedaled back to the line of scrimmage . Here’s how the game played out:  not necessarily in the order listed:

kickoff- 25 mountain Climbers

offsides – 30 High Knees

sack – 1 min Plank

interception – 10 burpees (interceptions are always bad!)

fumble – 15 triceps dips

face mask -30 sec fast feet

kick returned for touchdown- 10 surrenders

beer commercial- 10 push ups

red zone defense- 5 Star Jumps

punt – sprint to the curb

Personal foul – 10 walking lunges

flag on the play- 20 bicep curls

Challenge on the call- selector’s choice (25 jumping Jacks)

field goal- 20 reverse crunches

Hail Mary – 15 calf raises

false start- 5 windshield wipers

touchdown – 25 pop Squats

point after – 15 Glute bridges

2 pt conversion – 5 jump squats

goal line stand – 10 standing wood chops

time out- 30 sec squat Hold

safety- 20 penguin crunches

Blitz – 5 up- down Plank

4th down conversion- 30 skater hops (we discovered Hot Tamale is a speed skater!)

Quarterback keeper- sprint to the curb (our 2nd sprint barely qualified as fast walk!)

field goal- 10 laying leg lifts

first down-  20 bicycle crunches

halftime – 5 jump length of mat-then backpedal

car commercial – 10 standing Pike crunches

3rd and long- 25 jumping Jacks

we made it through the entire bowl of plays. Huddled up for devotion and prayer.




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