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May 31, 2018
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May 31, 2018

Five Sharks and Five Laps

  • When: 05/31/2018
  • Q: Partly Cloudy
  • Pax: Wonder Woman, Chocolate Chip, Straight Shooter, Smooth Operator, Whole Coconut, Board-O, Pinterest, Thunderstruck, Salsa Verde, Partly Cloudy, FNG - Lindsay (Spirit), FNG - Leighton (Doc McStuffins)

12 PAX came out to Foxtrot Thursday’s Beatdown, which was inspired by my son, Maddox, who turns 5 today.  To say that Maddox loves sharks is an understatement.  They are his absolute favorite.  So, today, we ran from 5 sharks!

We started off with some stretching while everyone got situated and I explained what we were going to do today.  After stretching out our arms, legs, and back, we ran our first lap around the parking lot.  Then we got to work spelling out our SHARKs.

The Thang:  We completed 5 exercises to spell out SHARK, 45 seconds of work, followed by 15 seconds of rest and relocation for the next exercise.  Once we spelled out SHARK, we ran.  Since we were only doing 45 seconds of each exercise and didn’t repeat, I encourage everyone to fit as many reps in as possible and stay strong and moving until the end.  It was a pretty good cardio workout.

#1 – Skaters, Hip dips, Alternating rows, Russian twists, Knee push ups, big lap around the parking lot

#2 – Supermans, High knees, Arm circles, Rdls, Knee to elbow cross crunches, big lap around the parking lot

#3 – Squats, Hammer curls, Air chair, Reverse crunches, Karaokes, big lap around the parking lot

#4 – Scissor kicks, Half burpees, Air presses, Reach arounds, Kettle bell swings, big lap around the parking lot

#5 – Spidermans, Hip swings, Alternating back lunges, Run in place, Kickbacks (tricep)

Since we ran before our first SHARK, we skipped the run after our last SHARK.  We had some FNGs to name!!!

We went around the circle sharing our names, then we named Spirit and Doc McStuffins.  Welcome to FiA you two!!  We ran through our announcements and then said our goodbyes.  It is so exciting to see so many new people joining us and sticking with us.  We are growing in numbers, as well as strength.  No matter what kind of crazy workout I throw at everyone (SHARKs), they are always so willing to give it their all, and I love that.  See you guys Saturday!

<3 Partly Cloudy


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