A Message from Lobstah:

I am very excited to be your point of contact for Fitness and Events on the Nation level.

I believe that there is need for some knowledge and sense of awareness when speaking on fitness. While I will never claim to have all the fitness or event answers, I do think that is it somewhat important to let you know that I have some experience in the fitness world. I am a certified Group Exercise Fitness Instructor, have and continue to take continuing education courses on fitness, proper form, kettlebell training, etc. I have a passion for fitness and my personal experience as a young girl with a weight problem, makes me very excited to have the opportunity to share the FiA experience with you all and the many other women that post for FiA on a daily basis. #nowomanleftbehind #bettertogether

So, as you can imagine I think that his third email the MOST exciting!! I have three main documents to share with you.

FiASWAG Guidelines – We have taken a positive spin on the F3 CSAUP Events, and are from here on forward flagging FiA Events as SWAG – Strong Women Achieving Greatness! And why not, when the majority of us have SWAGger wagons, right??

Lexicons & Exercises – I am thrilled to finally have a list of FiA lexicons & exercises. PLEASE send any exercises or lexicons that you believe could be used across all regions and that should be added to this list. If a particular FiA is to credit for the exercise, please add her name and we will make sure she gets credit. Please send these ideas to

Q School 101 – Training the Workout Leader – We have tweaked our Q School document for your use. Each Region will hold their own Q School and in a fashion that works for you. However, there are basic Q guidelines that should be followed to ensure consistency across all sites. (A traveling FiA should expect to receive a similar style regardless of location.) I am more than welcome to assist you with a Q School if you have any questions or want to bounce any ideas around.

It is incumbent upon us as leaders, particularly on the workout/fitness perspective to provide a safe and effective workout for all women. My hope is that the guidelines attached herein make that task a little more manageable. As Smurfette and Hemingway have stated, please do not hesitate to reach out if there is anything that I can do for you. If you have ideas that you would like to share as well, I am all ears.