FiAnances – 2017

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September 15, 2018
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September 15, 2018

FiAnances – 2017

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With our 2017 taxes now filed, we wanted to make sure all of FiA Nation was aware of the financial health of the organization.


If you check out the FiA Board section, you’ll notice that there’s not a lot that actually happens at the Nation Board level.  It’s primarily administrative in nature – the real leading happens out in your regions.   The biggest things you see the Nation Board do are manage gear sales, keep the website running, and organize expansion.   The other things you don’t see is we file taxes, we keep our LLC in good standing with the state of NC, and we manage the books.


In that vein, here’s the FiAnances for 2017:



Gear Sales                                                     $6,660


Expansion Travel Reimbursement        $4,153

MudGear Web Fee                                          1,200

Expansion Stickers/Swag                               880

Charitable Donations (out of gear sold)     450

Website Hosting                                                 312

LLC Filing & Tax Prep                                       227

Net Income/(Loss):                                        ($512)


Our goal is to run FiA Nation at breakeven.  We missed a bit this year – and yet still, this doesn’t begin to capture the totality of expenses incurred by members.  Ladies drove to expansions and didn’t ask to be reimbursed.  Ladies bought gear for new Regional Leaders out of their own pockets.  And heavens knows countless ladies invested time away from family and work to hold Q Schools, Regional meetups, host book clubs, write web content, etc.


The P&L above is proof that FiA is not a profitable business model – but the best investment we’ve ever made.  We hope you agree!


xoxo, FiA Nation Board



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