A Message from Wheels:

When I’m not working and playing in the Charlotte-metro region, I love traveling! And while traveling, I love getting to know the cities by running the streets and showing off my FiA pride! (#FiAtravels #FiAgear…I also love hashtags)

Oh, and I absolutely LOVE volunteering and giving back to my community! #lovelovelove

My FiA Background:
It’s been my privilege and pleasure to workout with FiA since its second workout in January 2013.

Admittedly, when I started with FiA, the idea of doing a push-up was about as reasonable and rational in my mind as believing I could make Julia Child’s Beef Bourguignon. Yes, exercising and cooking metaphors go hand-in-hand in my life! (#eattorun #runtoeat)

Well, I can still only bake brownies with regular consistency, but I am happy to report that push-ups are now my friend. And so are the many FiAs I’ve met along the way…and the brownies are only part of the reason why, I think.

All that said, FiA has indeed brought a greater awareness and structure to my physical activity, but there quickly grew a desire to find a way to exercise our two, arguably most important, organs: hearts and brains…

FiA Focus:
Plain and Simple…we are taking FiA…beyond the workout and into the community!
(Don’t worry, we’re working on the tagline…feel free to send along suggestions!)

As a nation wide initiative, FiAlanthropy aims to support organizations that focus on women and children.

Many FiA regions have already started this involvement by organizing: diaper drives, school supply drives, food drives, and through community walks/runs that benefit a number of different causes. These activities not only provide support to our local communities, but they also bring FiAs within the region closer together! (#BetterTogether)

Hopefully you have all seen the photos and read the stories from across the regions of these successes. But, just in case, we will soon start noting these activities on our website!!! Our goal is to celebrate the kindness of our regions across the nation…so keep the photos and stories coming!!

Call To Action:
As a regional leader, please start thinking about organizations or projects with which your region could get involved. A couple of you have already proactively engaged a FiAlanthropy Q. Though this is not a necessary step, it can help you get another FiA involved in your regional activities (and keep you from taking on even more)!

Next Steps:
FiAlanthropy can take many different forms:
– collection drives (diapers, food, school supplies, homegoods, and beyond)
– shelter or food kitchen service (meal prep, volunteer hours)
– community events (runs, walks, park clean-up)
– and more!

We already give of our time, talent, and treasure within FiA and in our every day lives. This is a great, collective opportunity for FiAs to become more involved with our communities!

As you move forward with a regional FiAlanthropy project, please send me updates and questions! If there is ever an opportunity that you think could work across multiple regions, definitely let me know and we can talk about next steps.

We plan to provide regular updates about both regional activities and nation-wide initiatives. As we move forward, we welcome your ideas and questions about how FiA can enhance its community engagement.

One final reminder:
We do ask that you choose organizations or causes that embrace, lift-up, and engage women and children. Please avoid any organizations or causes that could be considered politically or morally aligned.

Basically if you couldn’t talk to my (philanthropically driven, fairly open-minded) grandmother about it without raising her eyebrows, then let’s not pursue that idea as a FiAlanthropy cause.

If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Ready, Set, Give Back!
Thank you for your time and all you do for FiA and your communities!!! I look forward to hearing more about your regions’ #FiAlanthropy opportunities.

And don’t forget to share your region’s outreach by using:

Here’s to you and here’s to FiA! Can’t wait to connect with each of you!