FiA has leaders in all regions (aka Regional Leaders) who help to organize, coordinate, and grow the regional workouts and meetups. FiAs throughout the regions are sharp, organized, compassionate and demonstrate the FiA mission in all their interactions. We realized early on that we do not need a 40 page rule book or weekly reports to help FiA happen…we just need you. Together, as regions and individuals, we embrace a couple of basic, founding principles:

FiA is free; it’s for women; it’s outdoors; it’s peer led; and its purpose is to strengthen members from head to toe.  Period.

We all agree that these guiding principles are simple and that the end result is that FiA elicits a strong, positive response in us all.

You love it; I love it; she loves it; we love it!! 

We want to protect what FiA symbolizes and support our regional leaders who start-up and grow their regions.  Simply stated, we strive to:

  • Make sure that all ladies know we workout at our own risk and are led by our peers who likely do not have a degree in fitness;
  • Provide a website which encourages interest, chatter and introduces FiA to new ladies;
  • Create and maintain a FiA brand and logo that are recognizable and remind folks of our mission; and
  • Support growth of new regions as we hear of interest in FiA.

This ‘loose infrastructure’ costs a modest amount of money to operate: LLC formation, trademark, licensing, website hosting, tax return prep, sending expansion team members to new regions, etc.  It ain’t glamorous, but it is prudent. A small portion of FiA Gear sales funds these activities and FiAs kick in their own money to fill any gaps.

To keep this ‘loose infrastructure’ going, there is a FiA Board to support our mission.  There is one gal focused on Legal & Branding, one on Communications and Website Management, one on Expansion, and one on the FiA Gear Store.  That’s it.  We encourage FiAlanthropy – but that’s carried out by the regions as they see fit.  We are founded on Fitness, but there is no approval process for regional workout routines, site names, or selection of Qs. Last, but certainly not least, we embolden regions and women to ponder what FiA has meant to them; how they can pay it forward; and how to filter through to what’s truly important in this life with FiA Fire. But if your commitment begins and ends with the free workout – no problem.  Fundamentally, FiA is here to offer women a physical (and mental) recharge so we can tackle our ‘everyday’ with greater strength and a heightened sense of purpose.

So that’s it – FiA is in your hands.  Enjoy and use the website.  Please ask permission before slapping the FiA logo on things.  Keep it free.  Keep it for ladies.  Stay safe and leave no FiA behind.


The FiA Board