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March 28, 2016
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March 28, 2016

  • When: 09/09/2016
  • Q: Slinky
  • Pax: Ladies of FiA Nation

Hi FiA’s!

Looking for a new challenge this year? Want to meet new FiAs? FiA Raleigh is looking to make a team for the Blue Ridge Relay, but we don’t have enough ladies for a team of 9-12. Raleigh currently has 4 hard commits and a few maybes. We would love for you, the ladies of FiA Nation, to join our team so everyone can participate!


What is the Blue Ridge Relay?

The BRR is ~208 mile relay race that runs from Greyson Highlands in the mountains of southern Virginia to Asheville, NC. There are 36 legs that range from 2 miles to 10 miles, and difficulty levels that range from easy to “mountain goat hard.”

When is the Blue Ridge Relay?

It starts in the morning of September 9th (Friday) and runs through to the afternoon of September 10th (Saturday). Last year it took the Metro team about 30 hours to complete the race.

How Many People Per Team?

Our team will be between 9-12 gals, which means each person would probably run 13-25 miles (depending on team size – bigger team, less miles per person) over the course of about 30 hours.


To enter a team, it’s $1,300 split among everyone ($110-$145 pp, depending on team size), with an additional ~$150 closer to the race for van rentals, gas, food, drinks, etc. Accommodations are not included in that, but many people choose to make a fun weekend in Asheville after the race finishes. Feel free to invite family or friends to the finish. If you can’t stay after the race is over, the vans will be going back to the meeting point.

Training & Coordination?

Since we’ll potentially be spread out across the region, we’ll communicate via Facebook for training plans to make sure everyone is prepared for miles and hills. Luckily we have tons of time to get in killer running shape! On the weekend of, we’ll coordinate where to meet based on everyone’s location, and then carpool to the start of the race. Once the race begins, there is an “on” van with runners of upcoming legs, and an “off” van for runners who are further down the order, so everyone has a chance to rest and eat.


The BRR is a challenge, and to complete is an achievement in itself. Don’t worry about your pace – the goal is to finish, and we will! I’m a first-timer, but everyone who does this says it’s not *just a race* and it’s about more than just the running. I know you’re all looking for a little something extra out of your exercise routine; that’s why you wake up for FiA every day at 5 am. Why not make your races extra special as well?

F3 has a big portion of the entries… but I’m confident FiA can become a formidable force as well. FiA Metro already has 2 teams, let’s add another! (Apologies if other regions already have teams that I don’t know about).



Email Slinky at with any and all questions! Ready to get going? Email your hard commits by Friday 4/8 with answers to these questions:

  1. Birth Name
  2. FiA Name
  3. Age on Race Day
  4. Email Address
  5. Phone Number
  6. Emergency Contact Name
  7. Emergency Contact Phone Number
  8. Shirt Size
  9. Current 10k Pace

Once we have a complete team, I’ll email everyone with payment information and we can get more of the details hashed out.


Visit for more information!


  1. Guinevere says:

    Would love to see another FiA group on the course! I’m gonna pin this and see if we can generate more interest.

  2. ChiaPet says:

    Awesome FiA Raleigh! You go girls. I am sure there are many willing FiAs to join you!

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