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March 24, 2018
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March 25, 2018

FiA mini Spartan!

  • When: 03/24/2018
  • Q: DIY (+Floyd)
  • Pax: DIY, Cisco, Marvel, Caliente, Keys, Peach, Hitch-hiker

Huge thanks go to F3 Brothers Floyd (DIY’s M) and Choo Choo (DIY’s neighbor) for today’s mini obstacle course.  Cisco, Marvel, and Hitch-hiker made the field trip from Briar Chapel, making this a really fun event!  Here’s what went down:

Jog to the playground and back, cherry pickers, arm circles, quad stretches.

The THANG: Spartan Training Course.
Ten stations were set up on the lower field. PAX were instructed to complete a station, then run halfway to the playground and run back. If a PAX failed a station, the penalty was 15 burpees.

Station 1: Z-wall. PAX had to navigate the wall laterally from left to right. PAX were not allowed to fall off or grab hold of the top of the structure. Ring the bell or do 15 burpees.

Station 2: Tire Flip. Flip the tire to the orange line and back (Approximately 10 yards)

Station 3: Bucket Brigade. Carry the bucket full of gravel and rocks up the hill to the circle and back.

Station 4: “Barbed wire” Crawl. Army crawl under the wire out and back, approximately 40 yards. (Barbed wire = pink twine, thank goodness).

Station 5: Sandbag carry. Carry the sandbags (40 or 60 pounds) up the hill to the circle and back.

Station 6: 30 Burpees. Self explanatory.

Station 7: Farmer’s Carry. Carry two equal sized kettle bells (35 or 45 pounds) up the hill to the circle and back.

Station 8: Atlas Carry. Pick up the 75 pound concrete ball (or, if you’re like me, the lighter kettlebell next to it), walk it 15 yards, drop it, do 5 burpees, carry the ball back to the start.

Station 9: Spear throw. One shot at glory. Throw the spear one time. Stick it and avoid a 15 burpee penalty.

Station 10: Sled Pull. Pull a sled with 100 pounds of weight, approximately 25 yards. Then be considerate and pull the sled back to the original position.




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