FiA Fire Event: Makeda Pennycooke on Sept. 7 @ 6pm

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August 11, 2016
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August 11, 2016

FiA Fire Event: Makeda Pennycooke on Sept. 7 @ 6pm

  • When: 09/07/2016
  • Q: Hemingway
  • Pax:

You ARE Enough with Makeda Pennycooke

Practical strategies for moving from perfectionism to radical self-acceptance


The idea that you are not enough is universal. Women, in particular, wrestle with believing we have to be something (or someone) other than who we already are in order to feel loved and accepted.

In our efforts to feel like we are enough, we strive for perfection, over scheduling our lives and wearing our busyness as a badge of honor. On the flip side, believing we are NOT enough causes us to hold back from speaking up and letting our voice be heard both at work and at home.

Neither approach honors the beautiful gift you are to those around you. Both approaches rob the world of the unique light your soul is meant to shine.

Join Women’s Mindset and Empowerment Coach Makeda Pennycooke and learn practical tools for embracing your enoughness. In this training you will learn:

  • How to rob the “not enough” message of its power
  • The role fear plays in reinforcing this message
  • Specific steps you can take to deepen into your enoughness and strengthen your self-acceptance
  • Plus I’ll take you through a powerful exercise to help you release those “not enough” messages


  • 6pm begin to gather; discussion to start ~6:30pm
  • 2406 Tanglewood Lane, Charlotte
  • No cost
  • Not just for Metro ladies – all regions and reluctant FiAs too
  • RSVP in the comments below or email your yes’s to: fianationfire at gmail dot com


  1. Peel says:

    I am looking forward to this! Thank you so much for organizing this Hemingway and G!

  2. Sapphire says:

    How did I miss this? I’m in!

  3. Popeye says:

    Yes, I’m in!

  4. Spiedie says:

    I’d like to go!

  5. Firecracker says:

    Thanks ladies! I have it on my calendar. Will be a little late. KF has a tennis match that ends at 6. I appreciate you coordinating this event.

  6. Stringbean says:

    I’m in. Sounds like a great message.

  7. ChiaPet says:

    Sounds like a great topic and conversation. I’ll be there. Thanks for organizing. Please let us know if you need us to bring anything.

  8. Stairmaster says:

    Count me in please!

  9. Country Roads says:

    I’m in!

  10. Bulls Eye says:

    Can’t wait! I’ll be there!

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