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September 4, 2018
Back Blast Retail Therapy
September 4, 2018

FiA Favorites Backblast

  • When: 09/04/2018
  • Q: POTUS
  • Pax: Zoom Zoom, Buckshot, Shadow

Knowing it was going to be a late FSU game (sorry about the loss for all you fans), I made sure the workout could be completed with one PAX or more. So here are a few of our favorite (and least favorite) workout moves put into a Q.

Jacob’s Ladder: Run up the first hill, do ten jumping jacks. Run up the second hill, do ten squats. Run down.

1 Jack Webb

Repeat Jacob’s Ladder

2 Jack Webbs

Repeat Jacob’s Ladder

3 Jack Webbs

Repeat Jacob’s Ladder

4 Jack Webbs

Repeat Jacob’s Ladder

5 Jack Webbs

Move to tall stairs for Elevens. Exercise at the top was standing crunch. Exercise at the bottom was monkey humpers.

School Snake with exercises. Jog to each set of stairs, go up or down and do an exercise until the entire PAX arrives. Once PAX is present, do 10 of that exercise together. Exercises included squats, jumping jacks, standing abs, and alternating lunges.

REPEAT School Snake

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