45-30-15 seconds
June 2, 2018
1-Mile Loop with Stations
June 3, 2018

FiA/F3/2.0 Workout

  • When: 06/02/2018
  • Q: Chocolate Chip/Babyface
  • Pax: Fia - Wonder Women, Partly Cloudy, Whole Coconut, Biscuits, Iron Chef, Montana, Fixer Upper, Pinterest, Tiny Dancer, Salsa Verde, ThunderStruck, Straight Shooter; Fia FNGs: Chinchilla, Baloo, Bell Pepper, Moose Tracks, and Noodle F3: Misty, Chitwood, Space Balls, Wham-O, Quagmire, Manning, Cricket, Garfield, Yogi, Mickey, Hombre, The Mole, Homeboy, Alcoa, Hasbro; FNG: Flea Bag 2.0s: Peanut, T-Rex, DoodleBug, Mad Max, Minion, Narwhal, So-So, Hugasuarus, Grislmania, Dolphin, Hermione, Splash, Wheels, Soccer Ball, Champion Star, Rey, Batman, Hallmark, Laten-a-tor, Brady, Belichick, Edlemen, Gronk (I feel so bad for those last 4 kids), Blades, Boci, Lil Orange Tiggy, BooBoo, Chatterbox, Bomb, Chimpmunk, Squirrel, Slitheren, Picasso, Handy Helper, Drama Queen, Parrot, Swan, Cheerio, Elsa, Arial, & Garfield's baby that is soon to be out.

When I first thought about doing a combined FiA/F3 2.0 workout – I had no idea we would have 77 PAX show up!!  77!!  My littles were less than cooperative yesterday morning, so we were running late (not really a new thing for those who know me).  Of all days!! I was the CO-Q…ugh.  As we pulled in the parking lot, I was blown away – we covered the ENTIRE field!  My wonderful CO-Q (and husband) got things started as we were pulling in 🙂  The kids started with a quick game of freeze tag while the adults took a lap around the field.

Warm up:

Circle up and after a quick demo of how to count IC:

  • IC SSH (CC) (I think I might need help with counting IC)
  • IC Windmills (BF)
  • IC Squats (T-Rex [Mason])

Exercise 1:

  • DORA & KORA: 2 Adults and 2 kids partnered up, The adults performed 100 merkins/200 Squats/300 LBC cumulatively and the kids performed a KORA 50 Squats/100 LBC/150 Plank Jacks cumulatively .  Adult 1 started with the exercises while Adult 2 bear crawled to the cones and back.  Adult 1 then bear crawled to the cones and back while Adult 2 started the excercises picking up where Adult 1 left off.  Repeat until all reps are complete.  Kids ran to the cones and back, switched upon returning and kept a cumulative count.

Exercise 2:

  • Relay race: Multiple lines (started with 6, added a 7th) adults and kids mixed.  Relay consisted of running to the hoola hoop and doing 5 hoolas, then run to the jump rope and do 10 jumps, then run to the rubber chicken and bring it back to the next person.  Hand the chicken off then have the next person take the chicken back (dropping it at each station to perform the exercises then picking it up) to its original spot.

Exercise 3: Duck Joust

  • Manning (F3) had requested to do a little Duck Jousting to be allowed to knock his kids down a peg, so at the end he lead us through one last fun game.  You had to stay in a “duck” position and try to knock others over without being knocked over yourself!  Once you were knocked down, you had to run a lap.

Seeing so many families laughing, working hard, and spending quality time together made my heart so full!  I know Babyface and I feel it is super important to show our kids that being active is not only essential but fun as well! Days like yesterday not only show them that, but it also shows them leadership, friendship and that they can accomplish so much if they work hard!

Thank you to everyone who came out yesterday and to those who helped plan it (Whole Coconut, Wonder Woman, Biscuits, Fixer Upper, Straight Shooter, Partly Cloudy, and my favorite F3er – Babyface)!  I am very blessed to be part of such an amazing group!!


We had 5 FNG’s to name!  Welcome Noodle, Bell Pepper, Moose Tracks, Chinchilla, and Baloo!  We hope to see you again soon!

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