Sweat Fest At Surface Zero
April 13, 2019
Waves 🌊 at the Goose (Stranahan)
April 13, 2019

FiA Bible Study

  • When: 04/11/2019
  • Q: Wilson
  • Pax: Snow Bunny, Wilson, La Playa, Rocksy, Swank, Khalesi, Nurse Ratchet, Go To Girl, Chef


Tonight we discussed friendships that sometimes need to end! Not all friendships are meant to be lifelong, sometimes God puts friends in our life for just a season, and that’s ok! 

And then there are some friendships that are draining! We want to “fix” people and sometimes we just can’t help with everything. Some friendships can guilt us into putting up with a lot of behavior that is harmful to us. 

It was a good reminder tonight, to pray for discernment about our friendships… knowing when/ how to help our friends, and knowing when to step back and let God take control. 

Join us next time on April 25th!

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